Verismic Power Manager 4.0 uses artificial intelligence to control enterprise PC power use



Verismic launched Verismic Power Manager 4.0, an advanced PC power management software suite which uses DynamicWakeUp functionality to intelligently learn individuals' working behaviour and personalize PC power management settings accordingly. Managing individuals' power consumption by artificial intelligence (AI) enables considerable cost savings for businesses. Other added features include DynamicBrightness which reduces screen brightness during the working day to ease eyestrain and aid sleeping patterns of staff and the Application Programming Interface (API) integrates Verismic Power Manager with building control systems managing the powering-on and off of PCs when users enter or leave buildings, further reducing power consumption and increasing staff productivity. A survey by Verismic of public and private sector professionals shows that 91 per cent of respondents care how much their employer spends on energy, 49 per cent worry about energy use at work and 50 per cent wish to conserve power at work as much as at home. However, 24 per cent of professionals take no measures to reduce energy usage. Of these, 22 per cent simply forget to switch off PC's, while 66 per cent cited inconvenience - too long to start in the morning (44 per cent) and locking the screen was quicker' (22%). "As a leader in green technology, Verismic has an extensive, sector-varied and long-retained customer base which gives us a deep understanding of IT infrastructure issues," says Ashley Leonard, CEO, Verismic. "We also understand that users want to save employers money through reduced power consumption but they want it automated, near invisible and with no impact on their working day." Features: Verismic Power Manager's new DynamicWakeUp feature intelligently personalizes device and PC power management settings by learning individuals' working behavior and tailoring power usage settings accordingly. For example, the software can learn when users start their working day, shift patterns, lunch breaks and finish times. This feature reduces power consumption during the working day and supports overarching company-wide or department level power policy settings. A new API enables the connection of Verismic Power Manager to building control systems. Again, underpinning company-wide or department level power policy settings, using the API, a user "swiping" into a building can simultaneously and automatically power-on their PC or device ready to start the working day. This removes a barrier to employees not wishing to power-down PCs overnight, reduces overnight power consumption and also increases user productivity. The new DynamicBrightness feature is a brand new innovation that automatically reduces screen brightness during the working day dimming brightness levels to match ambient lighting - firstly to reduce potential screen induced eye-strain for users and improve sleep patterns but to further reduce energy consumption of PC and device monitors during the day "Our restyled interface has a clean, metro feel and has been completely redesigned to simplify product usage. There is a new snapshot toolbar so that energy usage and current savings can be displayed to users helping them understand their contribution to cost-savings," adds Ashley Leonard. A 2013 survey by Verismic of IT managers, undertaken by Verismic and independently reviewed by edutech expert, Richard Hadfield, showed the most popular cost saving measures, technologies and activities for IT managers were reducing IT power and cooling costs' (20 per cent) and the introduction of PC management software' (17 per cent). For IT managers, Verismic Power Manager boasts a new, simplified admin interface, wizard based deployment, improved online support and real-time calculation of cost-savings, scalable up to 100,000 seats. Verismic Power Manager 4.0 also simplifies access to and management of an organization's IT infrastructure. It's new DynamicInventory feature enables IT managers running service desk operations to audit their PC fleets, based on selected criteria only, free disk space or RAM, for example, which increases the speed of audit process. Verismic Power Manager 4.0 is compatible with Windows notebook and desktop PCs, Windows Server 2012 and Mac OS. Verismic