ViZn Energy Systems Enters Partnership with Jabil to Manufacture its Redox Flow Battery



ViZn Energy Systems (ViZn), a leading provider of energy storage systems for microgrid and utility applications, announced that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Jabil Circuit, a design, manufacturing and supply chain management service provider, to manufacture ViZn’s redox flow batteries in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Jabil will help ViZn ramp up production capabilities of its flow batteries to fulfill current orders, and expand its capacity to meet expected delivery commitments over the next 12 months.

“With the rate of orders accelerating over the past few months, we need a partner who can help us meet the current demand for our energy storage systems,” said John Lowell, COO of ViZn. “Working with an industry leader like Jabil further validates our safe and cost effective energy storage solution. Jabil can produce our product in a timely manner and to the strict specifications for quality and performance that we expect of our energy storage systems.”

“ViZn has a unique and robust energy storage solution,” Bill Mitchell, Jabil senior director of corporate development said. “The market for their product is growing quickly and we’re proud to be working alongside ViZn as they scale up to meet industry demand.”

ViZn’s Z20 battery storage system is a safe, scalable and sustainable energy storage solution to drive the value of microgrids and utility applications. Its technology utilizes a non-toxic, low cost zinc and iron chemistry that aids steady and safe operation. The Z20 offers one of the fastest charge and discharge responses on the market, can withstand significant temperature fluctuations and can facilitate multiple discharge cycles each day. It is the most cost-effective flow battery system on the market today.

ViZn Energy Systems