Wolfson's World-Leading Audio Solution Selected by OPPO Electronics



Wolfson Microelectronics plc has announced that its category-defining ultra low power audio solution, the WM8904, has been selected by OPPO Electronics Corp., Ltd, one of China's leading mobile phone providers, to deliver world-class audio to its innovative A121 handset. Packed with features, the WM8904 is specifically designed to deliver high quality audio, low power consumption and significantly extend playback time in portable applications, such as multimedia phones and personal music players (PMPs). The WM8904 features Wolfson's stereo ground-referenced Class-W headphone amplifier technology, with its innovative dual-mode charge pump architecture to optimise efficiency and power consumption during playback. Wolfson's SilentSwitch(tm) technology also extends its ‘pop and click' suppression capability by incorporating sophisticated clamp and sequencer circuitry. An advanced dynamic range controller (DRC) enhances audio performance, while Wolfson's ReTune(tm) Mobile parametric equaliser enables system designers to optimise the performance of the speaker or other transducer. These features allow designers to remove external components resulting in a reduction in the bill of material (BOM) and easing the design constraints of small footprint printed circuit boards. OPPO's A121 handset features a 2.4 inch QVGA screen, 2 megapixel camera, photo and image editing, audio and video capture and OPLAYER 2.0 music player, which supports both mainstream audio and video file playback. David Brown, Product Line Manager for Audio Amplifiers and Converters at Wolfson Microelectronics, said: "We are delighted that one of China's leading mobile phone providers, OPPO Electronics, has selected Wolfson's technology for its A121 handset. "Combining high quality audio, low power and extended playback time, the WM8904 represents the ideal audio solution for portable consumer electronics applications." For more information about Wolfson Microelectronics, please visit: www.wolfsonmicro.com