Wuerth Elektronik ICS awards licence for SKEDD-technology to Diehl Metal Applications



Wuerth Elektronik ICS awards license to Diehl Metal Applications

The Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) company is expanding its product portfolio to include SKEDD, the new innovative direct-connect technology from Wuerth Elektronik ICS.

With SKEDD-technology, Wuerth Elektronik ICS has developed a simple and dependable alternative to solder and press-fit technology. SKEDD realizes an innovative connection concept: components or connectors that use SKEDD to attach directly to a circuit board – without an adapter – can also be connected and disconnected over the course of many cycles.

Diehl Metal Applications develops and manufactures customized solutions across the entire value-added chain: prematerial, tool manufacturing, stamping technology, S+D press-fit zones, plating technology, and metal-plastic compaind systems. By using SKEDD, the company will expand its portfolio of connection technologies between contact systems and circuit boards. "For DMA, SKEDD represents an ideal addition to our S+D press-fit zone product family and a future-oriented further development of our innovative solutions for our customers across the world," explains Frank Uibel, Managing Director of DMA GmbH in Berlin.

"We're glad we could attract Diehl Metal Applications, one of the leading manufacturers of press-fit zones and metal-plastic composite systems, as a SKEDD-licence partner. This is another important milestone in establishing SKEDD-technologies in the market", says Dr. Klaus Wittig, Managing Director of Wuerth Elektronik ICS.

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