Würth Elektronik introduces its WE-HIDA high-current inductor


With WE-HIDA, Würth Elektronik offers a storage choke optimized for Class D amplifiers.

The high current inductor is characterized by low core losses, very low DC resistances from 2.5 mΩ to 14.8 mΩ and high saturation currents. 

WE-HIDA is not only available as a single inductor, but also in 2-in-1 designs (package sizes 1415 and 1521) for compact BTL (Bridge-Tied-Load) applications.

In order to achieve the lowest possible total harmonic distortion in audio applications, the inductance values of the WE-HIDA have been selected to suit the most common filter topologies and have also been specifically tested. The THT (Through Hole Technology) high current inductor is offered in 1415, 1480, 1521, 1715 and 3119 packages and in different versions with saturation currents from 6.5 A to 58 A. The operating temperature is specified for -40°C to +125°C.