UK Pledges 106 Million Towards Zero-Emission Vehicles

UK Pledges 106 Million Towards Zero-Emission Vehicles

UK Prime Minister Theresa May speaks at the Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Summit.

Theresa May wants all new vehicles to be zero-emission by 2040, and she announced a £106 million package ($138.5 million) towards innovative green battery, vehicle, and refuelling technology.

The UK’s Prime Minister unveiled the package at the very first Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Summit, held in Birmingham.

“Over the next decade, we will see the biggest ever increase in R&D investment in our history, aiming for total R&D to hit 2.4% of GDP by 2027 … and as we stand on the brink of the next revolution in transport – a green revolution – I want to see Britain, once again, leading from the front,” she said.

May also reiterated the UK’s £1.5 billion investment in ultra-low-emission vehicles and announced a £400 million fund for charging point infrastructure – addressing the dreaded “range anxiety,” which singlehandedly prevents wider deployment of electric and hybrid vehicles.

We’ve previously covered Aston Martin’s hybrid vehicles, Lagonda's electric SUV, a Rolls-Royce electric air taxi, and even a fully electric Black Cab, and all of these sexy options will help the UK shift away from the internal combustion engine. But cold, hard dollars (or pounds) are needed for infrastructure and advanced battery technology.

“Governments, industry, innovators from around the world need to work together to transform the development of the zero-emission vehicles market,” said May.

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