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Volkswagen Models Electric Cars After Apple Design Aesthetic

Volkswagen Models Electric Cars After Apple Design Aesthetic

The Volkswagen I.D. Buzz.

So what’s next from VW? Dense user agreements with vital info tucked away in section III, subparagraph II? Not that I’m bitter....

Volkswagen announced that they’d be looking at Apple for a little design guidance. Not that Apple has much experience with autos, mind you, but the Cupertino giant’s chic style (and premium price tags) set it apart from its consumer rivals. The MacBook may cost a pretty penny (40,000 of them, minimum), but she’s the belle of the ball.

The German automaker plans to launch its EV line in 2020, along with an electrified VW hippie bus (the “I.D. Buzz”) and an all-electric ride-sharing service. The brand is a fixture in counterculture and hipsters who prefer micro cars with insect names, but no one would ever accuse it of being attractive.

VW plans to change that in a couple years when it joins the electric revolution.

“We are currently redefining the Volkswagen values for the age of electrification,” said Klaus Bischoff, head of VW brand design. “What’s at stake is to be as significant, purist and clear as possible and also to visualize a completely new architecture.”

And as Reuters points out, a healthy electric portfolio – that’s presumably easy on the eyes – will help VW compete in its largest market, China.

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