World's First Flying Car is an Actual Car

World's First Flying Car is an Actual Car


The Terrafugia Transition.

We’ve spoken a lot about “flying cars,” but the Terrafugia Transition is an actual plane and a car. And it’s about to go on sale this month.

A two-seat ‘roadable’ plane, the Transition is street-legal and certified as a light sport aircraft. And while it looks horribly out-of-place on the road – like a plane folded up like an accordion – the world’s first flying car fulfills both functions.

On the road, the Transition gets 35 mpg, with a max speed of 70 mph. It then unfurls its wings, going from 7 feet, 6 inches wide to a wingspan of 26 ft, 6 in. The whole process takes less than a minute.

After taking to the skies – with a max takeoff weight of 1,430 lb – the Transition sports a stall speed of 62 mph, cruise speed of 107 mph, and a max speed of 115 mph, with an airborne range of 489 miles.

Fittingly, the hybrid vehicle also includes a hybrid-electric motor, with a lithium iron phosphate battery.

It’s all designed for convenience – “Eliminating the hassle of hangar storage, ground transportation, and aviation fuel, the Transition fuels up with automotive gas and can be stored in your home garage,” claims the company.

Just don’t get too jazzed unless you have a few (hundred thousand) dollars to spare. The Transition goes on sale this month (for delivery in 2019), and it should run between $300k and $400k.

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