Axial Leaded Resistors Offer High Pulse Voltage Capability



For applications that require an axial leaded pulse handling resistor, there are a few options. Wirewound resistors are a good option for low voltage pulses but will be inductive and costly for higher resistance values. Carbon composition resistors have excellent energy handling and low inductance but poor environmental and electrical stability.

For high pulse voltage, power film resistors such as Stackpole’s ASR / ASRM series offer stable electrical and environmental performance, excellent pulse handling, and have lower inductance than wirewound resistors. The ASR / ASRM can handle pulse voltage discharges from 1 KV to 10 KV and are rated for working voltages of up to 4 KV depending on size and resistance value.

The ASR / ASRM is a great choice for a wide range of power supplies, input protection, and control circuits where electrical conditions require high voltage capability.

Pricing for the ASR / ASRM varies with size and resistance value and ranges from $0.045 to $0.18 each in full package quantities.

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