Batteries & Other Energy Storage Devices

June 2023
PSDcast – Battery Formation and Test

Jeff Myatt, Senior Marketing Manager, with Vicor

Research firm MarketandMarkets estimates HV batteries will grow at a CAGR of nearly 39 percent between 2018 and 2025 when it will reach a market size of more than $89 billion. One of the biggest impediments to this growth curve is the high cost of battery formation and test, which accounts for as much as
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PSDcast - Producing Green Energy

Marty Neese - CEO Verdagy

­Verdagy has released a solution that, according to their asscoiated white paper, helps drive down the investment and energy costs needed for the industrial-scale production of green hydrogen. And on the line to discuss it is Verdagy CEO Marty Neese.
Pre-Charge Circuits in High-Voltage Systems

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Figure 1: Pre-charge Initial State

­An inrush current, also referred to as input surge current, or switch on surge, is the high current, which is often drawn when circuits are initially switched on. Power converters can have inrush currents that are many times higher than their steady-state currents. This is due to the initial charging current of
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