Power Supplies

November 2014
Molex introduces 30W PoE+ 12-port (2x6) and 8-port (2x4) RJ45 magnetic jacks

PoE+ Enabled Gigabit Multi-port Magnetic RJ45 Modules

Molex extends its product offering for multi-port magnetic jacks with the introduction of PoE+ Enabled Gigabit Multi-port Magnetic RJ45 modules to meet a wider range of customer applications. Available in 12-port (2x6) and 8-port (2x4) versions, these magnetic RJ45 modules are designed for use in high port-count gi
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Premier Magnetics’ transformers target TI’s Fly-Buck converters

Premier Magnetics Fly-Buck transformers

Premier Magnetics, global producer of high-quality magnetic components, has introduced a line of transformers specifically designed to complement the Texas Instruments LM5017 family of Fly-Buck converters. The Premier Magnetics Fly-Buck transformers’ topology and electrical characteristics are designed to pr
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