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Smart Power Grid

October 2019
Moving from Electromechanical to Solid-State in Relays and Circuit Breakers

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Figure 1: Contact wear in an electromechanical relay

As a mature technology, electromechanical relays and circuit breakers are well established, however they continue to suffer from some inherent weaknesses. Moving to solid-state technology can address these but introduces its own challenges. So, what is the right solution? In the movies, whenever the lights go
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PSDcast - Too Many Competing Standards in the IoT

We spoke with Jeremy Ludyjan, Head of Lighting Solutions at Tuya Smart, to discuss the interoperability (or lack thereof) of various competing standards.

Our November print issue of PSD deals with the Internet of Things, and not coincidentally, we've been talking about the IoT a lot lately. But one aspect we haven't really discussed is the interoperability (or lack thereof) of various, competing standards.  Be sure to catch us on iTunes  Be sure to catch us on Spotify
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Traco Power - new 0.6 and 1A POL converters
The TSR-WI line is a set of non-isolated POL converter series with an ultra wide 8:1 input voltage range which come in standard SIP-3 packages. Covering the majority of standard bus- and battery voltages this POL converter line is a versatile solution for many applications in distributed power systems where different inp
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