Smart Power Grid

April 2022
New Technology Enables 1200 V SiC MOSFET in Various Packages
The new M1H chip has been designed to provide flexibility and is intended for use in applications, such as inverters in solar energy systems, which have to meet peak demand. The chip is also ideal for use in fast EV charging, energy storage systems and other industrial applications.   Advancements in the
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AC Losses in Magnetic Components

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Figure 1. Typical B-H curve from positive saturation to negative saturation. When H is zero there exists Br which requires -Hc to return to zero. The area within the loop is core loss per cycle

What are AC Losses and why are they important? This paper discusses the physical effects and which issues must be observed by design engineers. Furthermore, an approach to determine AC losses with unmatched accuracy is being introduced. In 1892 Charles P. Steinmetz, working for General Electric presented his no
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