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February 2021
Variations to Perform: Introducing 65 W USB-PD Designs

Figure 1 Block diagram of a secondary-side controlled power adapter using PAG1S and PAG1P

The continuous demand for charging devices in the shortest time is driving the charger market toward fast charging. On the one hand, the power delivered by these charges increases; on the other hand, their size is getting smaller and smaller, so it is necessary to design a higher power density. To meet the growing de
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Airplanes to cell phones: Equipment Finds the Flaws

Sandia National Laboratories researchers in the Mechanics of Materials department utilize the new fracture testing hangers for traditional interlaminar composite fracture testing as well as advanced hybrid composite laminates, as shown here.

Tim Briggs has built a career at Sandia National Laboratories tearing and breaking things apart with his team of collaborators. Now, he's developed a fracture-testing tool that could help make everything from aircraft structural frames to cellphones stronger. Briggs has filed a patent for a device associated
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Reed Relays Offer Switching of AC and DC Small Signals
Littelfuse, Inc. introduced an expanded reed relay product portfolio that extends voltage capabilities to include AC ratings, supports AC or DC loads up to 300 Vdc, and provides input/output isolation voltage 2500 VRMS. These miniature reed relays are available in single In-line (SIL) and dual-in-line (DIL) pa
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New Converters Deserve (and get) Better Inductors

Coilcraft inductor schematic

New inductors are introduced all the time. In such an established industry as ours, it is quite natural that many new products represent small, evolutionary improvements or solve unique problems.  Occasionally, however, major generational breakthroughs do come along that challenge designers into new way
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