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December 2013
Carnegie Mellon researchers find novel biological sources for battery materials

The marine cuttlefish may be the next best source of electrode materials

The squirmy marine cuttlefish may be the next best source of electrode materials for batteries to power edible medical devices. Carnegie Mellon University's Chris Bettinger and Jay Whitacre have found that ink from the cuttlefish, a close relative of the squid, provides the perfect chemistry and nanostructure to power t
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Research effort to advance fully-printed transistor technology

Aerosol Jet technology for printed electronics

Optomec has announced that the company was awarded a contract by the Air Force Research Lab to advance its Aerosol Jet technology for printed electronics. Under the contract Optomec will enhance its Aerosol Jet technology to enable large area printing of high performance Carbon Nanotube based Thin Film Transistors (T
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Tauriga Sciences, a diversified company focused on the development of a proprietary technology platform in the nanorobotics space, announced that it is experiencing very strong levels of international interest for the commercialization of Pilus Energy's proprietary wastewater-to-value BactoBot. The Company w
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Stanford engineers create working prototype of novel memory chip tech ideal for mobile devices

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RRAM prototype

In an engineering first, Stanford researchers have built a working prototype for a new type of memory chip that has the potential to store more data, using less space, than the flash memory chips found in smart phones, tablets and laptops today. This new chip uses a technology called resistive random access me
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