Power Semiconductors

September 2022
Low Voltage Testing with Bias Power Supplies

Low-Voltage Solution for Load Variation Testing

­The use of semiconductors in devices has skyrocketed in past decades. This leads to a large growth in the demand for more semiconductor components and the need to develop new solutions to power each device. Compounded with this growth in the market is the drive for increased performance and efficiency for ea
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When Selecting a DC Power Supply, Understand its Output Characteristic

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Figure 1: Output curve for an autoranging power supply compared with a power supply with a rectangular output. The autoranging supply provides higher output voltage, higher output current, and full power output at more V-I points.

­An important but overlooked aspect of power supply selection is the type of output characteristic that the power supply has. A typical power supply has a rectangular output in which maximum power is delivered only at the supply’s maximum rated voltage and maximum rated current. Another option is a power suppl
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