Wearables & Nanopower

October 2019
Moving from Electromechanical to Solid-State in Relays and Circuit Breakers

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Figure 1: Contact wear in an electromechanical relay

As a mature technology, electromechanical relays and circuit breakers are well established, however they continue to suffer from some inherent weaknesses. Moving to solid-state technology can address these but introduces its own challenges. So, what is the right solution? In the movies, whenever the lights go
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Traco Power - new 0.6 and 1A POL converters
The TSR-WI line is a set of non-isolated POL converter series with an ultra wide 8:1 input voltage range which come in standard SIP-3 packages. Covering the majority of standard bus- and battery voltages this POL converter line is a versatile solution for many applications in distributed power systems where different inp
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