Powering Embedded Systems

July 2022
­GaN Driven like Silicon

Application board showcasing the new ICeGaN technology

  The benefits of GaN technology are clear to see. Higher frequency switching means higher efficiency, as well as allowing supporting components to be smaller, giving a more compact design overall. The inherent heat handling properties of GaN devices, coupled with their higher efficiency leads to less heat di
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­12 Watt DC/DC Converters (SIP-8) for Industrial Applications

Traco Power’s TMR 12WI series

  The product offers a very high power density of 4.73W/cm³ in an ultra-compact SIP-8 metal package occupying only 2.0 cm² (0.3 square inch) of board space.   An excellent efficiency of up to 90% allows for an extended operating temperature range of –40° to +65°C without derating under
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