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April 2022
Using Electricity to Treat Cancer

Kyle Wang, MD

­Electricity has formed the basis of many aspects of the modern world, from providing reliable sources of light to powering home appliances and computers. Now, researchers are studying how electricity can be harnessed as a treatment for certain types of cancer. Kyle Wang, MD, explained that human cells nat
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AC Losses in Magnetic Components

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Figure 1. Typical B-H curve from positive saturation to negative saturation. When H is zero there exists Br which requires -Hc to return to zero. The area within the loop is core loss per cycle

What are AC Losses and why are they important? This paper discusses the physical effects and which issues must be observed by design engineers. Furthermore, an approach to determine AC losses with unmatched accuracy is being introduced. In 1892 Charles P. Steinmetz, working for General Electric presented his no
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