Data Centers

July 2020
High Performance Optical, Data Communications for Outdoor 5G
SiTime Corporation introduced the SiT9501 differential MEMS oscillator. Based on SiTime’s newly launched third generation MEMS technology, the device delivers uncompromising performance for 100G - 800G optical modules. With the device’s smaller size, customers get up to 50% space savings to integrate more fe
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Using Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supplies for Battery Testing

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Figure 1. The placement polarity checker and the safety contactor

In today’s fast-paced world the need to create quicker, more mobile mechanical devices is steadily increasing. One primary method for doing this is to replace traditional gas powered or plugged-in devices with battery power. Batteries have become smaller and increasingly efficient as a result. In order to ke
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PSDcast – The H-1B Visa Restriction (Good for the Industry?)

Chris Dries, the President and CEO of UnitedSiC

You’ve probably heard that President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security took actions with mammoth ramifications for our industry. To whit, Trump restricted H-1B visas for engineers, computer programmers and other technical workers through 2020. Is this a boon for domestic employment or a shackle fo
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