IoT & Smart Cities

January 2022
Telit Launches Dual-Band Wi-Fi Module with BLE 5.0
Telit announced the WE310G4 module, which enables device vendors to add dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 connectivity quickly and cost-effectively to their products. Based on Realtek Ameba system on chip (SoC), the WE310G4 is ideal for a wide variety of embedded devices, including smart lighting, ho
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 Adaptable Transistors Can Perform Different Logic Tasks
At its most basic form a transistor in an IC is just a simple switch. As transistors have been miniaturised, these switches have both become faster and used less power to go from one state to another. The regularity of the steps in this shrinking process has been so consistent that it even has its own “law”
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