IoT & Smart Cities

November 2023
PSDcast – AI and Smart Traffic Lights

Telit’s Head of Marketing Strategy Joe Braga

AI has the potential to radically change our daily lives, including our commutes (and especially smart traffic lights). And on the line to discuss that is Telit’s Head of Marketing Strategy Joe Braga.

Five Ways Modern 8-bit Microcontrollers Evolved to Solve the Latest IoT System Challenges

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Figure 1: Microchip CIPs shown above are color-coded by peripheral category. The green items provide additional power reduction possibilities

It’s been over 50 years since the development of the first microcontroller.  As these systems became more complex, many subsystems now require hundreds of thousands— if not millions—of MCUs. This puts a premium on delivering low-cost devices with high reliability and durability. With the advent of th
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