Renewable Energy

June 2023
PSDcast – Solving the Energy Crisis and Supporting the Renewable Energy Transition

Dr. Tej Gidda, Global Leader for Future Energy at GHD

Against the backdrop of an ever-warming planet, heightened geopolitical tensions and energy security concerns globally – all of which threaten to derail the shift to a net zero future – how can we de-risk the energy transition? Dr. Tej Gidda, Global Leader for Future Energy at GHD is here to discuss.
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PSDcast - Producing Green Energy

Marty Neese - CEO Verdagy

­Verdagy has released a solution that, according to their asscoiated white paper, helps drive down the investment and energy costs needed for the industrial-scale production of green hydrogen. And on the line to discuss it is Verdagy CEO Marty Neese.
Powering Indoor Farms Efficiently with Centralized Power

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Figure 1: Data centers bending the energy usage curve

­Indoor horticulture relies on creating an environment for plants to grow with controlled heating, cooling and lighting – without relying on the sun – which require electrical energy. With rising energy costs and, in some areas, scarcity of supply, farmers are seeking systems that are reliable, cont
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