Renewable Energy

September 2023
In power supplies, storage inductors play an important role. Unexpected overheating of the magnetic component in the inductors used should be avoided at all costs. The AC losses that are often responsible for this are difficult to estimate. The online simulation tool RedExpert facilitates the development work co
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PSDcast – The Community Solar Revolution

Eric LaMora, Executive Director of Community Solar at Nautilus

Nautilus Solar Energy has announced its strategic partnership with EnergyMark. The partnership aims to bridge the gap for local small to mid-size commercial businesses that have historically been left out of the community solar revolution. Here to discuss it is Eric LaMora, Executive Director of Community Solar at
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PSDCast – Breaking the Land Speed Record for Electric Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles’ Richard Hatfield

Lightning Motorcycles has broken the land speed record for electric motorcycles and here to discuss it is Lightning Motorcycles’ Richard Hatfield.
Direct Current (DC) Injection from Renewable Energies  -  When Accuracy Matters in Power Quality Measurements

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Table 1: DC limits in national standards

­In recent years, power quality measurements have been carried out more and more frequently in the electric power and energy industry and on distribution and transport grids. These measurements focus primarily on the classic characteristic parameters such as voltage dips, voltage transients and harmonics. Maximum va
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