Renewable Energy

February 2022
Infineon Invests Over €2 Billion in New Frontend Fab
There was a time where the trend in the semiconductor industry was to move to a fabless strategy. Why bother with the expense of a fab and gaining the expertise in-house to take care of complex manufacturing, when you could easily subcontract to a specialist who’d make your chips cheaply and with higher yields t
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Chemists Find Path to Cheap Deployment of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Héctor D. Abruña, professor in the Department of Chemistry at Cornell

Hydrogen fuel cells—which can efficiently power cars, generators, and even spacecraft with minimal greenhouse gas emissions—are promising, renewable alternatives to combustion engines and other polluting forms of power. But fuel cells remain prohibitively expensive, because they rely upon platinum and other pr
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It’s All About Voltage Ratings

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Figure 1: Voltage distributes equally across inductor turns

Yes, voltage ratings for inductors. The popularity of molded composite core inductors has placed new emphasis on voltage ratings to ensure safe and reliable inductor operation. Molded-core inductors place the core material in direct contact with the windings, changing the way inductor windings are insulated. New circuit
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