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August 2021
What you Need to Know About Trimming the Output Voltage of a Power Supply

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Figure 1: Power supply output voltage is trimmed so that power supply voltage = desired load voltage + total conductor impedance voltage drop

What is Trimming and How is it Used? Trimming the output voltage of a power supply simply means adjusting the voltage by a small amount. By convention, the term trimming is used for applications where the power supply has a specified nominal output voltage and the user is able to change the output voltage
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Piezo Sounder Drives Higher SPL and Longer Runtimes
Diodes Incorporated introduces the PAM8907 piezoelectric sounder driver, for maximizing sound pressure level (SPL) delivery from a ceramic/piezo sounder. The PAM8907 has a built-in synchronous boost converter, which extends SPL in battery-powered systems and outperforms other similar sounder drivers. The
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