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February 2022
System solutions for battery-powered applications: Part 3 of 4 Editorial Series sponsored by Infineon; Maximizing integration and addressing EMI challenges in low-voltage motor drive/control applications

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Introduction Now that the era of the IoT, AI, and 5G has arrived, intelligent, lightweight, and miniaturized motor drives are essential to the next generation of power tools. According to a forecast provided by Grandview Research [1], the global power tool market is projected to reach 40.9 billion US dollars
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The Largest GaN Start-up in the World
The above title was ostensibly a throwaway remark by Peter Rogerson, the Senior Director of Marketing at Innoscience for North America and Europe on a call last week, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed appropriate. While not many start-ups have the backing of industry giants such as Arm and SK Hyn
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It’s All About Voltage Ratings

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Figure 1: Voltage distributes equally across inductor turns

Yes, voltage ratings for inductors. The popularity of molded composite core inductors has placed new emphasis on voltage ratings to ensure safe and reliable inductor operation. Molded-core inductors place the core material in direct contact with the windings, changing the way inductor windings are insulated. New circuit
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