Wide-Bandgap Semis

August 2019
The Road to Success for Power Semiconductors

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Figure 1: Comparison of Superjunction transistor, SiC MOSFET, and GaN HEMT

The commercial availability of Superjunction transistors 20 years ago, challenged and finally proved wrong the limitations of conventional silicon-based transistors with respect to on-state resistance. What was regarded as revolutionary at that time is standard today. Today there is not a single transistor from 25
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Are you SiC of Silicon? – Part 5

Anup Bhalla, Vice President Engineering, UnitedSiC

Ultra-High Voltage SiC and Supercascodes New applications are emerging that require high voltage switch technology which is significantly lower in balance-of-system costs and operating losses than silicon IGBT and IGCT technology. This spans a wide range from solid state transformers, MW motor drives, to smart
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PSDcast - The SiC Partner for Volkswagen's FAST Network

Cree’s Kenric Miller

In this episode of the PSDcast, we're talking to Cree about Volkswagen's FAST (or Future Automotive Supply Tracks) supplier network. Cree was recently selected as the exclusive silicon carbide partner for FAST ...