Wide-Bandgap Semis

PSDcast â€

Avi Kashyap with Microchip.

In this episode of the PSDcast, we’re talking to Microchip about one of the biggest challenges for silicon carbide vendors – qualifying their SiC devices to stringent industrial, automotive, and harsh environment standards,
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Nanoscale Visualization of Optical Behavior of Dopant in GaN

Results of cathodoluminescence analysis applied to Mg ion-implanted GaN (left) and three-dimensional distribution of Mg atoms introduced into GaN as visualized by atom probe tomography (right).

In Gallium Nitride (GaN) implanted with a small amount of magnesium (Mg), NIMS succeeded for the first time in visualizing the distribution and optical behavior of the implanted Mg at the nanoscale which may help in improving electrical performance of GaN based devices. Some of the mechanisms by which introduced
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Are you SiC of Silicon? â€

Anup Bhalla, Vice President Engineering, UnitedSiC

How to Build Better EV Traction Inverters with SiC In this article, we examine the benefits of applying SiC technology to EV traction inverters. We show how the efficiency of the inverter is boosted under all loading conditions, from light to full load. Using higher operating voltages with efficient
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