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June 2014
Developing a New Approach to Predicting the Behavior of GaN Devices

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Figure 1: Infineon’s four-step qualification plan for CoolGaN™ devices

­Introduction Silicon semiconductor technology has evolved considerably over the past 50 years, during which time, multiple failure modes affecting device reliability have been discovered, researched, and addressed. This has led to the development of models and equations for failure modes like time-de
When Cloverland Electric Cooperative wanted to replace the aging subsea cable that serves Drummond Island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, they turned to experienced utility consultant GRP Engineering, Inc. to plan and design the tricky project. As the successful bidder to Cloverland Electric, Kerite Corporation pr
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More than often it is common that when technical equipment fails, finding the root cause of the failure consumes significantly more time than actually fixing the problem. In highly sophisticated factory automation environments where capital-intensive equipment is in operation or where time-coupled chemical processes ar
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