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February 2017
Developing a New Approach to Predicting the Behavior of GaN Devices

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Figure 1: Infineon’s four-step qualification plan for CoolGaN™ devices

­Introduction Silicon semiconductor technology has evolved considerably over the past 50 years, during which time, multiple failure modes affecting device reliability have been discovered, researched, and addressed. This has led to the development of models and equations for failure modes like time-de
Current market requirements are trending towards further downsizing and increased efficiency of power conversion systems. For this reason, enhanced power density of the power modules will be critical in order to respond to the evolving needs of the market. In order to increase the power density, All-SiC modules wi
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The use of batteries in everyday devices is getting more ubiquitous.  In many of these products, a charging connector is difficult or impossible to use. For example, some products require sealed enclosures to protect sensitive electronics from harsh environments and to enable for convenient cleaning or st
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