Technical Features

October 2015
Coilcraft MAGPro

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Figure 1: Inductor Performance Analysis

Design engineersuse analysis tools long before going to the bench to assemble any hardware. Experienced designers know that the best tools provide more efficient designs in the shortest possible time, and the way to be the first to market with the best converter often comes down to simply “get it right the fir
Today’s digital lifestyles are driving demands for ultra-mobile computers: thin, lightweight, always-connected PCs that allow their owners to work wherever they need to be, unhindered by any need for frequent recharging. Efficient power management significantly influences the computer’s ability to meet u
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With a global population that is both living longer and experiencing an increasing rate of chronic disease, combined with economic factors that are driving the increased of healthcare in the home, there is a growing demand for medical electrical equipment designed for use in home environment, requiring from po
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