Technical Features

May 2018
DC/DC Flyback Converter

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Figure 1: Power stage of the flyback converter (simplified)

Isolated flyback converters often use optocouplers in the feedback loop to regulate the output voltage. As part of the compensation circuit, its parameters such as CTR influence the control loop and must be taken into account in the flyback converter design. The flyback converter is an isolated switching power
Energy-efficient devices are important components for saving resources and protecting the environment. The more efficient the electronics, the longer the battery service life for mobile devices - and in large-scale industrial and server installations with thousands of loads, the energy requirement is markedly re
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No matter the technical innovation or application, all modern technologies have one thing in common; they rely on a reliable, small and high performance power supply to be able to function and meet their specification. As end products become more complex, the design parameters for the power supply become more ch
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1.5kW Digital Totem Pole PFC Design for Air-Conditioner Using iMOTION Digital Controller

Figure 1: Simplified hardware diagram

A lot of research focuses on bridgeless PFC in order to achieve higher system efficiency compared to traditional boost PFC. Most of the bridgeless PFC solutions suffer from EMI issues, which cause problems in applications where an  inverter stage shares the same ground. In this case, the PFC stage generates
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