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Technical Features

April 2020
 Electric Vehicle Power Electronics Push Test Equipment Performance Limits

Figure: LV123 Operational status vs. operating voltage ranges

Power Electronics in New Vehicle Systems Automotive electronics are changing in dramatic ways. While it is true that “traditional” internal combustion engine vehicles still dominate the market, the automotive world is racing into a disruptive future. The market demand for reduction in the use of fossil fuels
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April's Most-Read Articles
These are the technical features that grabbed the most eyeballs throughout the month of April, based on figures from Google Analytics. So while you're hunkered down in the home office (and possibly dealing with cabin fever), reacquaint yourselves with some of PSD's best content. GaN and 48 V - Where are We and Where are We Going? Author: Alex Lidow Ph.D., CEO and Co-founder, Efficient Power C
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